Get into the University you want.

At Global Academic Consultants, we do not treat any two students the same. We develop an individualized plan for each student.


Unlike many of our competitors, we do not have specific recruitment agreements with any institutions, nor do we accept financial compensation of any kind from the schools we recommend to our students.


Therefore, we are focused on presenting students with academic options that are truly the best fit for the student.

What we do.

Guide you through the whole process from beginning to successful application.

Assess the student’s and parents’ expectations, goals, preferences, and other factors.

Complete applications according to institution guidelines and requirements for the student.

Brand your applications so admissions committees are guaranteed to read your submission.

If placed on a school’s waitlist, we will improve your chances of acceptance from the waitlist.

Our consultants are:

American college and university graduates with an in-depth knowledge of the application process

Members of pertinent professional organizations

Years of successfully placing students into TOP American Universities.

Compassionate professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals of studying in the USA. 

Why are we different?

Do not accept financial incentives from any schools.

Coach students of all abilities, including those with cognitive, behavioral, and emotional challenges.

Focus on the student's unique personality, interests, and future goals.

Identify institutions that provide the best learning and personal experience for the student.

Provide more than admissions consulting, such as interview preparation, social media evaluation, and success skills coaching.

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