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We don't charge ANYTHING for helping you arrange all of the services you need for going to University. Our services are completely free to students and parents to help them save as much as possible. Simple.
We offer up to $300 cashback to every student depending on what they book through us. Simply, the more services you book through us the more cashback you get. Easy.
We save you money on all of the services you need as we have direct relationships with sone of the biggest providers on the planet, and get access to exclusive offers and discounts you can't get by booking yourself direct.

We help you arrange everything you need for going to University, using our trusted & verified partners around the world, all for the best price possible.

Visa services. 


We arrange through one of locally our approved partners in your country to do the whole process for you. Job done!



We will help you arrange your perfect home away from home.

Help Applying for University.

Through our trusted partners, we can guide you through the entire application process.*



We guide you through the process of applying for your first student job.


We arrange all your flights, transfers and anything else you require. Easy.



Whether you need Health, car or travel insurance, we will help you get covered.

Bedding & books.


Whether it's bedding, kitchenware or books you need, we will have it delivered before you arrive.

Phones & TV.


We help you get SIM cards, phones and TV all ready to go as soon as you land!


Whether it is a scholarship, student loan, opening a bank account or just transferring money you want, we do it all.



You tell us what you like and we arrange to have a delivery waiting for you when you check in. Easy.

How does it work?

1. Choose the products you want us to help you arrange below.

3. One of our placement specialists calls or emails you to get the rest of the information we need. 

2. You fill out our simple form and send it to us so we can start.

4. We send you your personalised quote based on what you told us. Confirm the quote and we start to arrange EVERYTHING. Easy.

Lets us help you arrange everything for University